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Louis-François Marcotte and his brother Jean-Michel have acquired Beaulieu Instantané, a Quebec-based food manufacturer founded in 1960.

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From Our Family to Your Table

For over 60 years, Beaulieu has been offering high-end products that enhance your meals and elevate the taste of your favorite dishes. Chef-entrepreneur Louis-François Marcotte and his brother Jean-Michel have now taken over to bring you an expanded and exclusive range of sauces, spreads, and sought-after condiments.

Products for Every Palate

Whether a master chef or a food lover, add the touch of flavor to your dishes that sets them apart

Spices of the world

Enhance the flavor of your dishes with our world spices, unique seasoning recipes, quality sauce mixes, and perfectly measured broths.

The passion for good taste

Impress your guests with our high-quality products, developed passionately for you. Brickstone products are available in fine grocery stores and specialty shops throughout Quebec and Ontario.

Gourmet every day

Brighten your everyday with our range of AP Gourmet confits, jellies, and spreads. They will elevate your burger, enhance your cheese platter, and add a flawless touch to your pizza!

Need a partner in food production?

Bingo! Beaulieu’s team of specialists will help you develop products or bring your own brand to life in its state-of-the-art and SQF-certified facilities.


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