Our Story

The recipe is simple: Remain a hallmark of trust and quality to ensure the growth and longevity of a local business in the food industry.


Products designed to delight the taste buds of food lovers, united under three strong brands


Years of innovation and standing out through the quality of its ingredients and excellence, since 1960


A generation of partners taking up the torch and continuing the tradition of good products

A story of passion, time and again

For over 60 years, Beau-Lieu has been offering products that enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes.

Chef-entrepreneur Louis-François Marcotte and his brother Jean-Michel acquired the company precisely with the aim of continuing on this path.

Their ambition? To offer you an expanded range of sauces, condiments, and side dishes, always made in Quebec from quality ingredients, that will add flavor and originality to the recipes you love to cook.

Key moments in our history:

  • Founded in 1960, Beaulieu Instantané began with the marketing of the famous sauce that made the iconic Au Coq BBQ of St-Jérôme a success.
  • Launch of the BoCoq Gourmet brand and expansion of the product range offered.
  • Acquisition of the company in 1984 by Luc Hébert and Chantal Desjardins. They accelerated its growth while maintaining their commitment to excellence and quality.
  • Diversification of the product line with the addition of renowned brands such as Brickstone Fine Foods and AP Gourmet following the acquisition of Au Printemps Gourmet, also located in the Laurentians.
  • Development of a customized service offering to clients in the retail, hotel, restaurant, and industrial food service sectors.
  • Acquisition of the company by Louis-François and Jean-Michel Marcotte in December 2023.

Mr. Jacques Beaulieu, founder of Beaulieu Instantané, Luc Hébert, and Chantal Desjardins, who were owners from 1984 to 2023, are accompanied by Mr. Jean "Johnny" Gibeault from the famous Johnny restaurant in Saint-Jérôme, a long-time loyal customer.

"We are two brothers taking over a family business to grow it. I am very proud and excited about this business project."
Continuity in renewal

Building on the values of simplicity, authenticity, and quality that have been at the heart of this family business since its inception, Louis-François and Jean-Michel aim to go further; they want their love for food and well-prepared dishes to contribute to making Beaulieu one of the leading lights in the local food industry.

And they have all the ingredients to do so.

Louis-François Marcotte is well known as a renowned chef, successful restaurateur, author of beloved recipe books, and host of popular culinary shows. Behind this public persona, however, lies a formidable businessman.

Having been associated with the Groupe Sportscene for several years, he played a significant role in the complete transformation of the La Cage restaurants, both in terms of offerings and operations.

His brother Jean-Michel complements his brother’s creativity with pragmatism. With a background in finance, he was an entrepreneur earlier in his career and, before the acquisition, worked as Market Development Lead for Quebec at KPMG, one of Canada’s leading consulting firms.

The stage is set for them to achieve their ambition together.

Our commitment is to do everything to preserve a winning recipe

It’s their quality that has allowed Beau-Lieu products to find their place of honor on the tables of people who love to eat good food. It’s on this quality that we will continue to focus.

This quality is built on ingredients of the highest standards, obtained from trusted partners who share our commitment to rigor and excellence.

The pursuit of quality also entails a commitment to always be in tune with the evolving tastes and expectations of our customers, whether they are for local, gluten-free, and as natural as possible products, or for more unique and sophisticated accompaniments.

Beyond quality, there is also within our values a desire for simplicity in products and their use, and a commitment to remain authentic to our customers, our teams, our community, and ourselves.

When you have a winning recipe, it would be foolish to change it.

A certified factory, almost limitless possibilities

Our factory, located in St-Jérôme, spans over 15,000 square feet and consists of three distinct production areas.

Combining automation and versatility, the production space enables us to offer our clients in the retail, hotel, restaurant, and industrial food service sectors a wide range of development, production, packaging, and logistics solutions.

What sets it apart is its SQF certification, a high-standard GFSI certification. It recognizes the high production and food safety standards we operate under and open a wide array of possibilities, including exporting the products we manufacture internationally, a significant advantage for any company looking to sell theirs beyond our borders.

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