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Brickstone Fine Foods

A passion for good taste

Dazzle your guests with our gourmet products, developed for you with passion.

Brickstone is the brand for gourmets, for those curious and adventurous in the kitchen. Whether using our sauces, flavored oils and salts, or our jellies, spreads, and confits, you’ll be inspired to dare and discover the delightful taste sensations these products have in store for you.

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AP Gourmet

Gourmet every day

Recognized and cherished throughout Quebec, this range of high-quality products has remained affordable. Use them to add a Latin touch to lunchtime by spreading a layer of apricot and jalapeno jelly on your sandwiches, or accompany a traditional meat dish with a well-spiced confit.

AP Gourmet products offer you delicious options. It’s up to you to imagine the possibilities!

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Spices of the world

It all began with BoCoq in 1960...

It all started with the successful launch of our legendary BBQ sauce. Over the years, seasonings, spices, sauces, and broths have been added to allow you to add that unique touch of flavor that enhances your dishes and gives them their own personality.

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Looking for a food production partner?

A collaboration in full swing, from ideation to production.

The pleasure will always be at the table.

For over 60 years, Beau-Lieu has been providing you with products that enhance your meals


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